A new bone and and amazing place! (post by Sam)

DSC_0046Over the weekend I went to skomer (read more on my trip on my blog) where I saw hundreds of different species including fulmar, shearwater, puffin and razorbill all firsts for me but not only did I go to see the birds, although bird watching was the main reason we came to skomer it was very good for somethings else I do, collecting I found plenty of bones but only took a few, one of the bones I took was this unknown fish vertebrae that I found by the island side. I assumed that a bird  maybe herring or black backed gull scavenged or caught a fish and this is what I found. You can see how its very different to other vertebrae of animals like birds and mammals, it has a sort of hourglass shape from the side unlike say a rabbit vertebrae, I t was very interesting to find out what it was originally I was thinking an odd sternum growth of a manx shearwater and when I asked some experts on twitter I had a few replies, one from Jake from Jakesbones fellow blogger and also author who suggested it was the ankle joint of a large mammal but then I told him the only large mammals on skomer were people and seals both of which I doubted to find here on skomer, then someone else on twitter (Stuart Petch) came and said he thinks it was a fish bone, I was being silly and thought no way could it be fish, which I told him and said he thought it reminded him of fish vertebrae, so I did some research and discovered it was intact a fish vertebrae so I’m sorry to Stuart. Then out of the blue this morning Ric morris replied and backed up Stuart which now makes me certain it is a fish vertebrae of an unknown species.





  1. Always a pleasure Sam, you are proving to be a very keen young naturalist and I always enjoy hearing about your bone finds.


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