Our favourite skulls, if you wanted to know :)

Well as you know we collect skulls because we are interested in them. Together we both have, well quite a few. Sam collects his skulls for interest and educational purposes, whereas i collect them because i like to have something unusual to show and talk about, plus i like them.
Sam’s favourite skull is his Shearwater skull. He was given one by Ric Morris and has recently been to Skomer, where he found two and is trading one with me. He thoroughly enjoyed visiting Skomer and he even got to hold a Shearwater chick and saw Puffins!

20140714-112820 am-41300631.jpg
Sam’s other favourite skulls are his Great Spotted Woodpecker, which had flown into his gran’s window. He had buried it in a pair of tights and has got the skull displayed in his room. He also likes his Razorbill skull, which was given to him by Ric, along with some other bones.

20140714-115438 am-42878925.jpg
The other partial skull in the picture is his Muntjac skull, which he found in Wood Fallow Forest (Asgridge Wood) near him. Even though it is only part of a skull, he still loves it as it has given him an insight into the wildlife around him, as well as giving him inspiration to try and find some more complete Muntjac skulls.

My three favourite skulls where found at home and Cockerham Sands, where i stay in a caravan for a few weeks. The first is a Gannet skull. It is amazing to look at, especially as it still has it’s beak sheaths. The strength of the bone is unbelievable!

20140714-120916 pm-43756452.jpg
My next fav skull is my plain old grey squirrel. Even though it’s just a squirrel, i like the story to how i came across it. I was in my neighbours garden (shhh) and i saw a squirrel shoot into a tree hole. I went over to try get a picture of it, but instead it jumped out of the other side and sped off. But when i took a picture inside the trunk, there was definitely a squirrel in there. After a while of plucking up some courage, don’t ask me why, but i put my hand in the tree hole. Luckily nothing happened and instead ended up with my squirrel skull, which by the way has some amazing teeth.
The last skull i like is my Greater Black Backed Gull. Also found at Cockerham, it did have a black beak sheath but a magpie got hold of it. I like it because of the shear size of it and the muscle marks on it.

20140714-120954 pm-43794810.jpg
We both love collecting our skulls because it gives us an interesting and unique hobby, that people want to talk about. We always make sure they are clean so that our mum’s don’t shout at us 🙂


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