Racing Pigeon (sophie)

This is the first racing pigeon i have found. I found it a few weeks ago when i was last up at Cockerham, but because it was really fresh, so i only took it’s ring (GB 09 K49993). I reported it straight away to The Royal Pigeon Racing Association. After a while, they got back in touch with me, saying that they had reported it to the owner. And that was it. I didn’t get any other information. I would have liked to know it’s name and if it had won anything.

However, this time at the caravan, the tides haven’t been high, so i managed to find the pigeon. This time i managed to get it’s skull and cleaned it up in hydrogen peroxide. Now it looks really good and clean. Can’t wait until i get home and can store it in my treehouse.

20140714-101632 pm-80192477.jpg


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