gully the herring gull isn’t a herring gull??? (by Sam)


If you have read my other blog then you will know that Ric Morris an awesome collector and very generous man gave me loads of different types of bones from razorbill to shrew and amongst those amazing specimens was what he thought could be a herring gull so for a long time I assumed it was a herring gull and that is what I wrote on its tag, but then as I was not sure one day I just went to double check with another awesome guy called Paolo V see his blog (zygoma) someone who I had met at the Horniman Museum for an interview (viewable on my blog) and asked him whether he thought herring gull straight away he knew it wasn’t herring but suggested a kittiwake, I agreed with that saying it did look like one but then I gave him the measurements and he told me it was a common gull, I was very excited about having a common gull as I knew it was hard to find (despite the name COMMON gull). So without Paolos help and Rics gift I wouldn’t of learn that it was a common gull or would have it in my collection, Thx guys.


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