our guest blogger (the amazing bone carver)


(quick message from us) Today we are deleted to have guest blogging on Strong As Bone Sophie Doberdor from Doberdor design the amazing bone carver….

Hi I’m Sophie 

Choosing to carve bones wasn’t so much about the material, but more about the natural sculptural qualities every bone possesses. I became fond of the properties of the material only after I had begun practising carving techniques on scraps I bought from pet shops. It’s somewhere between wood and stone. It grinds to dust easily (some easier than others!), yet even the finest piece of bone can remain tough and support other pieces much greater than itself. It’s an amazing material, and blows my mind every day that such a material is formed naturally!
My carvings allow you to see glimpses inside of skulls. You can make out how it’s made up because I leave the structures beneath as intact as possible. I find the insight fascinating and often find myself just examining the structure and all the shapes that make up such a complicated natural sculpture. Each carving is unique to reflect the individuality of the creature and I never repeat a design on any skull for this reason.
I carve for the love of animals and natural history, and hope that I can open up a world of bones, not only to people who already love these fascinating creations, but hopefully to those who may see bones and skulls as little more than ‘creepy’ or something ‘weird’.. Because at the end of the day, we’re all full of them and we’d be pretty useless without!


Growing up in the countryside has had a lasting effect on my art and attitude towards my surroundings. I find myself constantly aware of all the creatures that may be nearby as well as those I can see and hear already. The thing with nature is that it is ever changing, and nobody can really fully determine exactly how or when changes happen. It’s wild and it does what it wants. Nature is a pretty formidable force that is so far beyond our control and I take a great amount of inspiration from it for this reason among many others. I find it difficult to resist poking and prodding around if I’m out on a walk and seeing what’s there, and I get a real buzz when I see animals like foxes, badgers, birds of all kinds, etc., etc. The thing is, I find it impossible to become bored of nature, it changes constantly with the seasons unlike any city or town, and it’s a home for hundreds of thousands of creatures of all sizes and shapes. There is so much left to discover and it’s a world much greater and more fierce than our own. It’s just amazing!                                                                                            


Thx Sophie for taking us on a Journey through your thoughts 🙂




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