Pippy the Bat (by Sophie)

My neighbour came round today to tell me that her husband had found something for me. So I went round to help with their garden and to see what he had found.
She came out of the house with something wrapped in kitchen role and handed it to me. I unfolded it slowly incase they were playing a joke on me 🙂 i was really shocked to find out it was a young Pippestrel Bat. I know they are protected so i need to get CITES permission to keep it.
It is so small and fragile, especially its wings. I looked at it for ages, studying all of it. I’ve decided to call it Pippy and keep it in my treehouse boxes.
There are many bats flying round our houses at dusk and the other year my dad borrowed a bat detector which lets you listen to their echo location. Thats how i found out that they were Pippestrel bats. It was brilliant being able to listen to their calls.

20140721-044816 pm-60496486.jpg

20140721-044816 pm-60496791.jpg


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