The Mystery of Aldenham.. (By Sam)


Yesterday I went for a few walks in Aldenham country park and after a long lakeside forest walk I found ribs I had no idea what it was from, I thought maybe a fox or badger maybe even a heron. Like Ii always do I won’t take just the rib unless theres a skull with it, so naturally I continue looking for more of the animals bones and found some more ribs, what looks like the part of a leg bone and something I thought was a shoulder blade (scapula),it took a while but I eventually found parts of the skull, It looked like maybe a badger lower jaw but looked to much like I herbivorous animal, Aldenham park is know for its farm animals like pig, sheep and goat all herbivores which means it could have been one of their bones, but the ribs were too small for a large sheep although only slightly smaller than a lamb the next thing you have to work out is how it got there. Aldenham has plenty of walks and next to one sheep are let out into the field nearby so maybe a fox took the carcuss of one across into the forest and it drifted out in the lake and washed up but the teeth just weren’t large enough so I kept thinking and thinking but nothing!! So I went to the desk and asked what they thought and they let me into the room to show them. they had no idea so they called someone else who worked at the park who studied zoology (like I want to when I’m older) she looked at them and kept thinking we were talking about the possibilities of it being domestic animal bones but the teeth weren’t large enough for pig, sheep, pony, goat or lamb so she got out two skulls, a badger wight eh jaws together and fully articulated skull and a fox skull with the jaws in two parts, we compared the skulls but they just weren’t right so like I always do I asked my twitter friends Ric, Ben, Jake and Paolo so after a little wait I had reply from Ric who told me “looks like the pharyngeal teeth of some sort of fish” then  Jake said said he thinks it looks like the bones of a large fish he also told me their skulls are in small unfused plate which explained why there was lots of scale shaped bones lying around and to confirm what Ric and Jake had told me Ben said he agrees and that it was a black carp so that settled it but only the skull parts the other bones were to big for a fish bones and it remains a mystery as to their identifacation……..



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