My thoughts on nature… (by Sam)


I like to think of nature as a place you can never be disappointed in no matter where you are you can always rely on nature to put on a show from majestic eagles soaring through the sky in Africa, to the bold pigeons building nests in London. Not only does nature present the most exciting events in natural history but it records all of natures past and present events through fossils and bones. 

“Nature is a cycle that never ends each and ever part of nature helps to keep that cycle going, without it we wouldn’t be alive today” when I heard this It got me thinking that I should cherish nature even more than I did then I began to appreciate all of the animals no matter what even mice and spiders. I wouldn’t be blogging nor would I be so keen on photography and art if it learnt for nature. Nature doesn’t just provide inspiration but has inspired millions like Kate Macrae to do photography and art and collecting. 

Nature also inspires TV shows like Springwatch and natures curiosities bringing more enthusiasts to think more about nature as well as learn more. Without nature there wouldn’t be safaris or birdwatching tours nor would there be so many birds on Skomer or Madagascar.



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