Thx Sophie !!

Sam Misan Art & Science

Today I just got back from the greek island, Limnos (post coming soon). while I was away a package came for me from Sophie Bagashaw co blogger of my other blog (strong as bone) I had done a trade with her, I gave her a shearwater skull a woodpecker feather and a snake rib and she gave me lots of spare bird bones about 4 sheep bones a scoter duck skull, a large seal vertebrae a few shells and feathers, a 1/4 clean great tit skeleton and a black headed gull skull so thx a lot Sophie!!!

This is the scoter duck skull which made a great comparison to my mallard duck skull meaning I now have two duck billed species, you can tell the two skulls apart as the scoter is much smaller than the mallard skull and has a bump on the start of the bill. The scoter…

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