Our oddest rarest and and most wonderful skulls…… (by Sam)

                                         DSC_0050 09.54.26


Today we are showing our oddest and most wonderful skulls in our collection. 

               starting of with my skulls (Sam) 

                                        First is my badger skull (meles meles). It is an incredible skull and has an dd bone growth where one of the molars should be, my theory is that the tooth fell out while the badger was alive and developed a process that began to cover the bone but the animal died early in this process, now I can’t say if this is the actual case but it is what I think happened something similar to my dog skulls bone growth also on its teeth.

     DSC_0055 09.54.26                         DSC_0056 09.54.26


Next is my dog skull it has an odd bone growth that is slightly easier to determine and explain. The skull was given to me along with the badger skull by Ric Morris and incredibly generous skull collector with an incredibly diverse collection. The skull is missing most of the front teeth including both canines, one of the canine sockets was covered up completely with bone, this is because it had lost one of its teeth while it was alive and began a that process to cover up the socket (Ibelive this is in order to prevent infection.

DSC_0051                                           DSC_0053 09.54.26


The skull is also smashed beyond the brain-case which means you can see the inside of the brain-case (cranium) 



The next and final one of my odd and wonderful skulls is my woodpecker which is actually a skeleton that I recently put together. This is my wonderful skull and rarest skull in my collection I believe.


                                                     DSC_0050 09.54.26 


Sophie’s skulls….

First this is Sophies seal skull that she found on the beach near her house she found the whole skull but her mum wouldn’t let her take it as it had to much flesh on the other side so she only took a small part of it.

jeSp1Lib.jpg-small               GtR-3BIr.jpg-small



Next is her Knot personally I think that is my favourite of her skulls along with her amazing lapwing.

   5bMJu_bW.jpg-small The birds beak is an incredible shape specialising in catching small crustaceans, she ask found this in cockerham, its cranium is fairly small and the beak sort of points down. the skull also has the lower jaw.


Next is her lapwing and incredible skull that is very rare to find.

0X7onDp8.jpg-smallthe beak has a black colour at the end and has a shape that sort of also points down and compared to the knot the cranium is fairly large.


                                        Thanks for reading….


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