Larry the lizard (by sophie)

Last year when I went to Cyprus, me and my dad went on a walk over some really old rocks which have some thousand year old shells and coral fossils in. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of lizards in Cyprus, especially Starred Agamas. They are in various sizes and patterns.
Anyway, we went on a walk and came across a lizard skeleton but it still had some scales on. So unfortunately we had to leave it šŸ˜¦ to remember where it was and to protect it my dad and i put a broom over it. However, this year when we went I went to look for it and after some searching of trying to find it I finally found it. I had to persuade my parents to allow me to bring it back. On the lastttt day I was allowed to bring it back. I had to mix it up with my shells so it didn’t look suspicious at the airport. Anyway I managed to get it back safely and if I do say so myself it looks awesome!!!





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