New findings!! -By Sophie

Within the past few months I have been going out with my mum to Cockerham (my favourite place) beachcombing.
In September they natural heritage people had opened up an Abbey which is situated in a middle of a field along the coast. Apparently secret monks used to live there and there are tunnels leading underground to the sea for trade. However they have been filled in and the Abbey is always locked up. Although this time we went, they had opened it up and placed markers around showing where all the different living quarters are, which are just rubble now.
We were allowed inside and it was amazing. All the stone walls had been carved into beautiful structures and faces. There was also a plaque with some faded writing on. They are opening next September one weekend and we are definitely going back.
The next weekend at Cockerham, I was walking along the tide line at a bit what I call ‘the point’ and I found a washed up Goldcrest. I could not believe the physical size of all its features, especially it’s weight! I also found a complete female eider, a complete male grey seal (only took the skull and a few other bones), 4 gulls, a robin, a crow, a magpie and a complete hedgehog.


There were also plenty of mermaids purses and urchins being washed up. My mum has completely no idea of what I bring home in the boot of her car 😉
This weekend just gone I found a washed up wine bottle with a Polish number in. I’ve always wanted to find a message in a bottle and it was so great when I did. There was also a giant jellyfish which had washed up, it was huge!! And a few birders enjoying the waders which where feeding on the sand, but they weren’t very sociable.


My dad also took me up to Yorkshire on the bike and we saw a lot of roadkills; mainly rabbits and pheasants. On the way back I made him stopped so I could get a complete Red Legged Partridge.
All these findings are still decomposing and will be a while before they are all nice and clean.



  1. Nice post, I’ve found hidden treasures in the wild as well. Not just bones but sometimes when I was a kid I found hurried toys (believe it or not, who the heck would bury toys?) metal boxes, and skulls and bones as well.

    I just caught the bones of a dead animal near the Crossroads where I live in Florida. I still haven’t identified it yet. But then again I’m not a professional. My interest in bones is way different than yours. I have friends who have even made jewelry from bones.


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