A message from both of us

Hello and welcome to Strong As Bone. we are avid birders, nature admirers, bone, feather, fossil and shell collectors as well as keen explorers of the natural world. We both love nature and wildlife and collect pretty much all things natural, we collect these things so we can learn more about the world around us. Our names are Sam and Sophie find us on twitter (Sam) @naturebase2 (Sophie) @bagshawsophie.


I love nature and learning more about the wildlife in my area, I believe to truly learn more about the natural world you have to explore and look carefully at yes the living but also the dead one of the reasons I collect, people say its disgusting and horrid and I just tell them “NO its unique and educational”


If you don’t go out to find them, then someone else will find what could of been yours. I love collecting things but I’m not a hoarder. Things like; bones, rocks, feathers, fossils, shells and anything to do with nature. I have been collecting for years and enjoy every bit of it , especially finding new exciting treasures.

We hope you enjoy our blog remember you can find us on twitter and Instagram


@naturebase2 (twitter) @tern2sam (insta) @bagshawsophie (twitter) @sophiebagshaw (insta)


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